Sunday, January 21, 2007

Hockey night in Israel... part 1

If you've been following this blog, you ought to know by now that North American Olim are playing hockey in Israel. The sport is alive and well... well, let's just say ticking. But then again, ticking is better than the state it was in just a few years ago.

I'm not so sure of the North American hockey history in Israel. I guess it started with a bunch of Canadians funding the Canada Centre in Metulla (a great place to go on vacation.) But for now, I think it goes without saying that there would be no monthly (sometimes 2x a month) game without the vision of one Danny S.

And this past Thursday night, January 18th, was our most recent game. Luckily, I brought a camera and someone took these great pictures and videos (coming soon).

Golan blogger makes the save!So without further due, to the right is a picture of the great ole' Canadian, Danny S., on the ice in Metulla. He's on the left wearing number 27. I'm between the pipes with my right leg extended as far as it can go without falling off.

I forgot exactly what happened here, but from my reaction, it seems he shot the puck. Too bad for him, though, but I got the best of him in this picture. That wouldn't be the case the whole night - I think he scored 2 or 3 times (and had several assists), including a beaute' for the game winner.

Now that we had a brief intro, here are some more pictures from the game. Enjoy... and come back to see the videos soon!

The ref drops the puck!

That's me following the action from the far end of the ice.

Here's another face-off picture.

Here's me leaning on the boards between periods.

After the game, we cool off by relaxing in the pool & jacuzzi. The Olympic size pool comes complete with this luge-style slide, which actually "shoots" out of the building.

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Anonymous said...

dovey says you look like martin broduer. that is doveys favorite goalie in his backyard hockey game. but he says he still like dipietro better.

Shmuel said...

Thanks Daniel... Dovey probably noticed my red jersey and black shorts uniform - hence the Devils... but if he would've paid closer attention he could've seen that I'm a lefty - like DiPietro... either way, I'm just a kid on the ice having fun.

Anonymous said...

Was the slide donated by the Israeli Luge Federation (President Gustav Helmut von Larssen-Cohen)?


Shmuel said...

Isn't that Gustav Schmerkyn? Anyways, not to my knowledge Aryeh, but they do have the Israeli bobsled on display when you come into the sport complex.

Thanks for the post... and if I see Gustav, I'll send him your best...