Wednesday, July 04, 2007

Formalities okay, but come on

So, we were visiting our friends in Zichron Yaakov this past Shabbat, and while we were there we bumped into many folks who we knew from when we lived there. Some we were close with, others we spoke to here and there, and others we never got a chance to develop a relationship. I guess that's real life, though.

And you know how it is, a familiar face comes back to town and everyone feels obligated to say hello and ask how things are doing. That's just formalities, I guess, but come on people think before you speak.

No, nothing bad was spoken - to the contrary, it was quite amusing.

See, when we went to synagogue, two - yes two - different people came up to Chave who was holding Yair, our 6-month old, and let these words roll off their tongue, "Oh my gosh, he got so big!"

Now the first time Chave heard that she just rolled her eyes, because this person obviously was just going through the motions of formality - lip service. After all, she had never ever seen Yair, since he was born after we moved to the Golan Heights.

But when the second person mentioned it to Chave, she chaffed at her and remarked, "Come on! You never saw this boy; you're thinking of Natan."

Natan, of course, was an infant when we moved there - and is now a rocking 2-year old.


Roni said...

We humans are sometimes dense. Chave could have said, "yes, he is growing very slow since you saw him 2 yrs ago." ... and as a famous blue collar comedian says, "Heres your sign". LOL

Eytan said...

LOL! Breath in deep....very deep...just relax :) They really didn't mean it!

Shmuel @ Go Golan said...

Yes, I know Roni and Eytan... I didn't mean it in a bad way! We actually got a kick out of it.

Shmuel @ Go Golan said...

O' and I'm sure I'll be at the other end of the stick some time down the road.