Wednesday, November 26, 2008

51 weeks later

Well, it's been a long 51 weeks.

I've been off the blogging world for nearly a year, because I seem to have lost my password to log in to my own blog! Can you believe it? Yeah, I know, it's a pretty lame excuse, but I have been busy...

For starters, my wife and I have been building a house up here in the Golan and as you might imagine that can take up a wee bit of time. We're almost finished with the building so it's a pretty exciting time for us.

Then, this past May, I got a one of those crazy bugs in my mind: I decided to train for a marathon. Unfortunately, it has a sad ending. See, I've been training steadily and was working may way up for the January marathon in Tiberius, but last week I strained my knee. And today I went out for a light run, but my knee was still sore. To make a long story short, I don't have enough time now to recuperate and get up to the point where I need to be to run this marathon. Oh well, I'll stick to the running though (after my knee heals).

But at least I'm blogging again!

And for those of you who stumbled here to read what's going on in the Golan these days here is my take: the land is turning green after a long hot, dry summer. Nonetheless, we need a lot of rain as Israel is on the brink of one of it's worst water crises ever. Rain up in the Golan Heights would then, in turn, meander its way down the many Golan streams that fill the Kinneret.


Anonymous said...

Hi fellow Golani,
My husband and I also live in the Golan (northern Golan)but it's not green here yet!!!
I am from Canada, my husband from England.
Luckily, my husband has cowboyed here for some time and knows the land well. We love the Golan and go out often just to explore.
Hope you get better soon.
Bye for now or in another 51 weeks.

hubscubs said...

oh how we have missed you! welcome back

paperbackhero said...


Don't give up. Good to see you again. I may yet be in Israel this summer and the Golan too.


Rafi G said...

you are back! amazing! I wondered where you disappeared to!
mazel tov on the house... osrry to hear about the knee injury. I had the same crazy idea, to train for the marathon, and am so far still going strong! I track my progress at - so if you want, you can run the marathon vicariously through me!

Batya said...

Welcome back and refuah shleimah.

It's not green here in Shiloh. We've hardly received any rain.

Shmuel @ Go Golan said...

fellow Golani: Great to hear from you - I'm also married to a Brit! Let me clarify regarding the "green" as I have seen it up close on my runs. The land is definitely changing - not a lush green yet, but a few more rains would surely help.

hubscubs: thanks, but you have my number, why didn't you give me a call? or at least invite me to your house for Shabbat! :-)

JonLevi: I'm not giving up on the running; I just got to take it easy... I will conquer 42.195km!

RafiG: Good luck with your run. Your blog on running looks cool - keep it up and remember to do the most important part of running: warming up and warming down.

Batya: Thanks for wishes - I didn't really think that I needed a refuah shleimah, but you're 100% correct. Thanks again. said...

hi smuel thanks god your back hope and pray for your total recovery of your knees problem please continue to work for the sake of us your follower.I love your article from go golan.more power

itamar said...

well, it's about time..

good to read you back.

and guys Shmuel got so HATICH with this running idea that you wouldt recognize him!

Dan El said...

welcme back - I lived on the Golan for almost 7 yrs and will finally get to visit (I am in Florida now), I hope, this spring. I miss it so much. I am happy for you that your new home is being finished. Has it grown much up there? I lived in Katzrin.